‘Mwanamke’ Swahili for Woman

Here I go again, very thrilled to still be chatting to you fine folks.

These past few weeks have been challenging for us all as we stumble our way towards the new world that lies beyond COVID-19.

We have had a good past 2 weeks, doing our best to keep positive while staying busy. We also got to chat with two incredible individuals. If you missed it, I took some time writing this article about our conversations.

On one of our walking food tours, the Cape Town Food Safari we start our tour at The Meeting Point restaurant. A hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Strand street, here they serve some of the best Tanzanian food in town, no jokes! The connection between the East Coast of Africa and South Africa goes back quite a few centuries and thus their food and culture fee very familiar to us. 

Cape Town has great Tanzanian food.

Meeting Point restaurant in Cape Town

We got to speak to one of the restaurant’s owners, Rita, on an Instagram live chat. She gave us the secrets to their Vegetable Curry with 5 spice and coconut. The curry was then use to stuff some delicious homemade chapati. Man, it was good! During our discussion, we addressed a point that I feel we all should be talking about more; supporting the small businesses around us. As Cape Town has a massive restaurant industry, small hidden gems can be found all around town. You will also find that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for good food at these spots.

Their simple style of cooking and generous culture humbles me on every visit. The atmosphere you experience at the restaurant is homely and inviting. You are literally taken on a journey as the Swahili word “Safari” implies. Please consider visiting them as soon as you can, we will see you there.

In their own words “We believe that everyone should feel at home, even if home is far away, and as a restaurant, we are an anchor for connections for old and new bonds. 

Asante Sana, Rita






Ladies working at Tanzania Tea Collections

Ladies working at Tanzania Tea Collections

Secondly, we got to spoke to Tahira, who now lives in Tanzania, all the way from Canada.

Now like you could tell from the first part of this blog, Rita just sounds amazing right, well Tahira will tell you that the people from Tanzania are all amazing. I met Tahira and her partner last year here in Cape Town, we got chatting and tried their amazing tea’s, the tea world will never be the same again. 

She is one of the proud shareholders of The Tanzanian Tea Collection and now resides in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Wow, so this is the kind of stuff tea does to you, makes you move continents lol.

Even if you are not a tea drinker you should take a peak at their website, they have such an inspiring story to tell. They employ the woman of Tanzania to gather, work, hand role the tea and package it into the most beautiful tea bags you have ever seen. Tanzania has some of the most beautiful sights along with the tea plantations. From the homeland to Zanzibar the fresh ingredients including tea to Cinnamon is endless, it is flavour heaven. I was lucky enough to experience it in my Emirates years and I am dying to go back. 

Tahira wishes that the world would look at smaller communities and tea producers as an investment, not only into the industry but also your health along with the beautiful communities of Africa.

I must say I have learnt to appreciate the finer quality of products in life through people like Tahira, moving mountains bit by bit and inspiring all humankind. 

Together with her partner Hendrik we wish them all the best and praise them for their passion. Thank you, Tahira for your time and efforts!

Nitakuona ivi karibuni






We all feel very affected by this storm, and yes some are effected harder than others. Just know you are not alone.

I hope that you all keep well and safe at this time, remember to support local and stay hungry for travel.