Eat, Drink & Explore Cape Town_Guided Culinary Tour

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Never heard of a Food Tour before? Let us show you why you should book one on your next visit to Cape Town.

Why book a local food & culture tour on your next holiday in Cape Town?

Named the best city in the world by the Telegraph Travel Awards survey for 2018, Cape Town has established itself as a leading travel and tourist destination. Beating heavy-hitters and fan-favourites like New York and Tokyo. The Mother City has staked her claim to the global travel hotspot throne. Best of all, we’re so here for it! But, besides being one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world, there is so much more to this captivating city than meets the eye. Cape Town’s diverse culture, rich history, unique traditions and vibrant culinary scene has captured the hearts of travelers from around the globe. And once you experience it for yourself, you’ll know exactly why.

But with a city that has so much beauty, culture and cuisine to offer, how exactly do you experience it all? By going on a local Cape Town walking food and culture tour of course! Going on a food and culture tour has fast become an increasingly popular way for locals and tourists to discover and explore Cape Town. Not only is it jam-packed with authentic local food spots and hidden culinary gems, but it invites you to dive deeper into the Mother City’s culture, history and traditions. Thereby not only providing the foodies something to salivate over but the culture and history buffs get the real deal too!

Are you ready to tick this exciting and sought-after adventure off your Cape Town bucket-list? Here are some of the reasons why we think you should book a Cape Town Culinary Tour on your next travel adventure.


Eat, Drink & Explore Cape Town_Guided Culinary Tour

Cape Town Culinary Guided Tours

Food lovers, culture & history enthusiasts, adventure seekers, tourists and keen travelers, EVERYONE is invited!

Food is considered one of the greatest connectors of people and the human spirit. Besides the fact that our local walking food and culture tours are jam-packed with the most authentic culinary, cultural and historical experiences, it’s all about bringing people together! It’s about sharing everything we know and love about this captivating and culturally diverse city we get to call home with the rest of the world. And doing it in a way that is interactive, immersive, enriching and thoroughly enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. And that’s by far one of the most rewarding things about going on a food and culture tour – That regardless of where you’re from, your age or cultural background, absolutely everyone is invited to share in the local Cape Town culinary celebration. And we can’t wait to share in it with you!

But for us, it’s not only about uniting food and culture lovers and adventure seekers from all around the world. We want our guests to have the most immersive local experience possible. We therefore take great pride in providing our guests with the opportunity to meet the chefs, engage with the people behind the local dishes and food establishments, hear about their background and culinary passions and share in their stories. Even learn more about the buildings, history and neighbourhoods they’re situated in. Thereby allowing you to gain extra insight and behind-the-scenes perspective into what truly sets Cape Town’s vibrant culinary scene and passionate people apart. As well as connect you more closely to the people, cultures and traditions that makes the Mother City one-of-a-kind. And that’s exactly what we want every guest to experience!


Eat, Drink & Explore Cape Town_Guided Culinary Tour

Cape Town Culinary Guided Tours

It’s local, it’s lekker and it’s a one-of-a-kind adventure! Traveling someplace new or trying to find something fun to do with friends, colleagues, or visiting family in your own city can sometimes be a bit tricky. Especially if you’re looking for a local adventure that ticks all the boxes, showcases everything your beloved city has to offer and will be enjoyed by all. The struggle is REAL! Going on a local Cape Town walking food and culture tour is just the adventure you’ve been looking for, plus it ticks all the boxes too! From delicious local dishes, enriching cultural experiences, a taste adventure through Cape Town’s most vibrant and influential neighbourhoods and a visit to some of Cape Town’s best kept culinary secrets and most beloved local spots – it truly has it all! All while experiencing the cool vibe, captivating spirit and infectious energy that makes the Mother City truly one of a kind.

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The Cape Town Essentials Tour

From the borders of Bo-Kaap through to the colourful area of De Waterkant, come experience one of Cape Town's most delicious quarters.

Adult R1785 (Inc VAT)/ea


Eat, Drink & Explore Cape Town_Guided Culinary Tour

Cape Town Culinary Guided Tours

Discover Cape Town’s influential neighbourhoods, vibrant culture & rich history.

Contrary to popular belief, food tours are NOT only about food, although it’s definitely a delicious highlight. It’s about discovering, exploring and learning all about what makes a city truly unique. Cape Town is known and celebrated as a vibrant hub of art, culture, design and history. Home to a diverse melting pot of people, traditions and cultures it boasts a range of trendy and culturally diverse neighbourhoods, each of which has had a major impact on the city we know and love today. But sometimes exploring a new neighbourhood in an unfamiliar city can be pretty daunting at first, especially if you’re doing it on your own. Going on a local walking food and culture tour therefore gives you the opportunity to discover an exciting new neighbourhood like a real local, with a real local guiding you every step of the way!

Exploring the influential and vibrant neighbourhoods of Cape Town on our walking food and culture tours and learning more about their history and what makes them tick, are therefore as much of a highlight of our tours as the food itself! Through the public squares, landmarks, historical buildings, local eateries and narrow streets of some of Cape Town’s most iconic neighbourhoods, we discover and experience Cape Town like real locals would. And the best thing is, we do it together!

But where exactly will our local walking adventure through the city take us? In addition to strolling the culturally diverse streets of Cape Town’s lively Central Business District and Greenpoint, we also pay a visit to the influential neighbourhood of De Waterkant. De Waterkant has fast established itself as one of the trendiest and forward-thinking neighbourhoods in Cape Town. In addition to its trend-setting and open-minded status, hip hangouts and vibey restaurants, De Waterkant boasts little pocket of historical buildings and cultural significance. Built in the 19th century, the architectural style is a mixture of Cape Dutch and Georgian, a result of the area’s diverse cultural heritage. All of which you get to experience and discover first-hand as we adventure and taste our way through the vibrant De Waterkant streets on our local food and culture journey.

In addition to exploring the vibrant neighbourhoods of Cape Town by foot, we also dive deeper into the Mother City’s diverse cultures and unique traditions. Did you know that Cape Town is actually considered as one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world? The truth is, South Africa has such a colourful history and diverse cultural composition that extends far beyond what most people realize. From traditional African culinary influences to that of Holland, Germany, France, Great Britain and India to the ‘Cape Dutch’ cooking styles that owes a lot to the cultural influence introduced by slaves from Java, Malaysia and Bengal, who were brought to the Cape by the Dutch East India Company. Cape Town’s local food culture is every bit as culturally diverse, multinational and rooted in rich history as the city itself.

But just in case you thought you’ve learnt, seen and heard it all, the ultimate Cape Town culture and history experience isn’t over yet. We also dive deeper into the historical significance and importance of the Cape Malay Spice Route, Slave Trade and the impact the Cape Town’s Central Business District history and era of Apartheid had on the city we know today. Thereby giving you some real local insight and perspective into what has paved the way to Cape Town becoming the diverse city it is today. And one that has captured the hearts of many.


Boerewors tasting.


From Bobotie, Boerewors & Biltong to local craft beer, Gatsby & Bunny Chow – it’s a Cape Town food adventure unlike any other!

There is no food experience quite like a local food experience, and Cape Town sure knows how to do local food just right! Named the best food city in the world in 2016 by Conde Nast Traveller in its Readers’ Choice Awards survey, it’s safe to say that the Mother City is at the very top of her culinary game. Crowned Africa’s culinary hub, Cape Town’s local food culture is bursting with unique flavours and delicious diversity. But with so much culinary hype, how do you ensure you get to taste the best of what the Mother City’s thriving local food scene has to offer? Que a walking Cape Town food and culture tour!

Going on a food tour with a food loving local guide by your side is one of the best ways to authentically experience Cape Town’s unique food culture. It gives you the opportunity to step outside of your culinary comfort zone and into the authentic and absolutely delicious world of local food. So, forget about the top tourist restaurants and global culinary hotspots, our culinary and culture tours are all about real local food, enjoyed the real local way. And there truly is nothing better than that! It therefore gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most incredible local food spots you wouldn’t otherwise have and try unique local dishes you never knew existed before. And trust us, Cape Town’s local dishes will knock your culinary socks right off!

Without giving all our culinary secrets away, here is a little delicious snippet of the epic food adventure that awaits you! We take you to some of our favourite and most beloved local spots like Cafe Charles, Mariam’s Kitchen, The Butcher Man, Beluga and Openwine. And invite you to experience the city’s food culture in the most authentic way by tasting some of its most loved and celebrated traditional dishes like Bobotie, bunny chow, biltong, Gatsby and boerewors. And of course, some local wine, craft beer and coffee too. Because in Cape Town, wine, beer and coffee is considered as much a part of our local culture than food itself. Yes, we told you the Mother City is a one-of-a-kind city with a one-of-a-kind culinary pallet. And we definitely meant it!

But it doesn’t end there, we visit some of Cape Town’s best kept local culinary secrets along the way too! That only the real locals and devoted Cape Town foodies know about of course! Did you know that Khadim’s Coffee Shop located in Cape Town’s city centre offers guests the opportunity to experience an authentic Senegalese coffee Touba presentation and tasting? Or that you can try Traditional Tanzanian food at The Meeting Point or enjoy an Ethiopian platter at Madam Taitou? And these are merely a few of the local gems and delicious food surprises we have lined up for you! Is your mouth watering at the mere thought of all the tasty local dishes Cape Town has in store for you? Well, we certainly can’t wait to share, taste and enjoy them all with you!

Eat, Drink & Explore Cape Town_Guided Culinary Tour

A Taste of Africa

Join us on an African inspired culinary journey through Cape Town's historical city center.

Adult R1785 (Inc VAT)/ea

So, you’re intrigued, your mouth is watering and you’re ready to immersive yourself in the ultimate local Cape Town food experience. Hopefully, you are now well versed in what a food tour consists of and can help us make more people aware of the best way to experience this great city we call home. 


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