About Cape Town Culinary Tours

Cape Town Culinary Tours combine the traditional and historical sides of South Africa's culinary world. There is no better way to explore a city because at the end of the day we all need to eat. Our team is proudly dedicated to showing you this incredible city therefore to create memories to take with you through this delicious journey in life.

Meet the Team

Elsje Erasmus

Founder and Tour Director

Elsje has traveled to over 40 countries, enjoying different foods and cultures all over our globe. Therefore she is proud to share her passion for her favorite city in the World. Because of her great interest in Agriculture along with the Culinary world, she enjoys sitting around the dinner table and share anything with a good story as she is quick to share hers with everyone she meets.


Charity Partners

Cape Town Culinary Tours is a community-based company who seeks to establish long term relationships with those we work with.

Food Forward SA

Our vision is a ‘South Africa without hunger’

FoodForward SA collects consumable food from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and redistributes. The foods are verified by the NPOs that collectively feed thousands of hungry people daily.